moving to mexico

It’s not all sunshine and margaritas…

This is a topic we vloggers tend to shy away from: the less-than-pretty parts about moving to a foreign country. The emotional ups and downs. Missing family back home. Feeling like an idiot learning a new language, navigating cultural rules and mores you might not understand. Trying—and failing—to find a community of people you fit with…and who won’t move away a few months later.

But the reality is, expat life has all the challenges of regular life (money stress, fighting with your spouse, worrying about reliable childcare), plus a few extras.

Many expats struggle to find community. We’re a transient group by nature. I made amazing friends while living in Mexico—and said goodbye to almost every single one of them.

I write this not to dissuade you from making the move to Mexico, but to hopefully prepare you for the reality of life abroad. It’s not all rosy. We vloggers tend to reach for the camera when something exciting is happening, when we’re seeing something beautiful, when things are happy. It’s only natural. When we’re up, we want to share. When we’re down, sometimes the last thing we think about is documenting it.

If you’re moving to Mexico, I’d urge you to make community one of your top priorities. Make friends. And if you can, make friends with locals who aren’t “seasonal” (lots of expats don’t live in Mexico year-round) and might not be heading elsewhere when the year is up. If you’re religious, try to find a church community. Make an effort to get to know your neighbors. Join a gym. Anything to build community.

And, above all else, don’t be too surprised when the honeymoon period ends and some of the emotional challenges start showing up.

Here are two videos I made around my own transition from visitor to resident, when the feeling of perpetual vacation was wearing off.

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