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Getting Sick & Healthcare

The only thing worse than getting sick is getting sick in a foreign country.

Everyone on blogs and YouTube and Facebook groups seems to praise Mexican healthcare as being just like healthcare in the United States—only cheaper.

To be completely honest, that was not our experience. We saw doctors once in San Miguel de Allende and multiple times in Guanajuato City. Some of those experiences were good, and some…not so much.

On the plus side, doctors are much more accessible in Mexico. We had cell phone numbers for our doctors and for Harper’s pediatrician. I was able to text my doctor on Whatsapp, making appointments there and relaying symptoms for advice.

On the flip side, in Guanajuato, I never saw a nurse wear gloves. I saw nurses handle bloody linens and then turn around and give someone an injection without stopping to wash hands. Personally, if I had a medical emergency, I would want to be treated in Querétaro, where I’ve heard excellent things about the quality of healthcare.

My takeaway? Healthcare varies greatly in Mexico, depending on where you are. Bigger cities are going to have more options for healthcare. The picture isn’t as rosy as many bloggers and YouTubers present. Are there excellent hospitals and doctors in Mexico? Yes. But are healthcare standards going to be the same as those in the US and Canada across the board? No.

To see some of our visits to the doctor, watch here. (And keep in mind these were both shot before the bloody sheets incident!)

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