moving to mexico

Grocery Stores & Markets

Grocery shopping in Mexico was my most favorite and least favorite thing.

What did I love? Browsing the markets, looking for the freshest produce. Buying warm stacks of fresh tortillas. The prices—of course, the prices.

But I’ll be perfectly honest with you. Without a car, grocery shopping in Guanajuato could take half the day, easily. Finding an Uber or taxi, getting to the grocery store, doing the shopping, waiting for a taxi home…and then getting home and taking the groceries up a few flights of stairs to our casita. After the groceries were unloaded, then I’d sanitize the fruits and vegetables.

Suffice it to say, grocery shopping in Mexico can take time. But it can also be beautiful. And you’ll never be able to eat bagged tortillas again…

To drive or not to drive…read on!