mysterious, beautiful

Guanajuato City

Guanajuato, you’ll always have my heart. Your secret alleyways, your old chipping paint, your hills, the mountains surrounding the city, cradling it. You are a mystery. You are a secret. You are a beautiful, complicated place. Full of art and good food and magic.

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Daily Life in Guanajuato: Walking Guanajuato’s lovely twisting alleys, having lunch at the plaza, singing karaoke with our friend Greg. What a magical little life we had.

The Cervantino Festival: Every year, Guanajuato is home to the massive, raucous, gorgeous Cervantino festival, celebrating the arts.

Holidays in Guanajuato: Seems like every weekend is cause for celebration…

Guanajuato Attractions: There’s a reason Guanajuato’s a tourist town.

Neighborhoods: Marfil and La Presa: Two of the neighborhoods most popular with expats.

Our “other” home in Mexico was San Miguel de Allende—city of artists and dreamers. Click here for all our faves there.