Expat hotspot


My good friend Greg spent part of the winter in Mérida, so Harper and I went for a visit. Jesse and I had considered moving to Mérida when we were first researching our move to Mexico. The city is an expat hub and is known for safety and great food. However, it was the soaring summer temperatures that pushed us toward Central Mexico in the end. But, I was anxious to visit this city that I’d heard so much about. And Mérida didn’t disappoint.

 Our favorite spots:

La Chaya Maya: Delicious food, beautiful atmosphere. The flan was to die for.

Ki’Xocolatl: Across the street from the location of La Chaya Maya where we ate, this little chocolate shop was just darling. We enjoyed some hot chocolates outside on the porch.

Hermana República (Centro): Beautiful restaurant/bar with delicious food.

Chilakillers: Best. Chilaquiles. Ever.

Pancho’s Restaurante: I had the very best grilled octopus I’ve ever had here. So! Good! But if you’re not a fan of eating things with tentacles, there are plenty of other delicious offerings to choose from.


Have you been to Mexico’s second-largest city, Guadalajara?