Moving to mexico

Renting a house

We rented two houses before signing a ten-month lease on a cute 2/2 casita in Guanajuato, Mexico. We found our first two houses from AirBnB (click here to sign up). Our house in San Miguel was a delight—our first home in Mexico, it was beautifully decorated, open, comfortable. I loved evenings spent curled up in a big leather chair, reading a book and looking out at the palm tree just outside the window.

In Guanajuato, we knew we wanted a longer-term rental. We looked in local classifieds, walked the callejones looking for Se Renta signs. We asked the baristas at our favorite cafe. No luck. We were starting to lose hope of finding a place to rent when I went in to a local rental company on a whim. Nothing on their website fit our needs or our price range, so I thought nothing would come of the visit, but I didn’t know what else to try.

As luck would have it, I met with Nallely Rangel and she had a property that had just come on the market and wasn’t on the website yet. She took me there for a visit, and we rented it on the spot. Over the next ten months, Nallely would become a dear friend and a faithful champion for us. (If you’re looking to rent in Guanajuato, you need to meet Nallely!)

Here’s a tour of our house in Guanajuato:

And our home in San Miguel de Allende:

If you’re looking to buy a property in Mexico, here’s a video that will give you an idea of what’s available in Guanajuato.

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