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San Miguel de Allende


 San Miguel de Allende, our introduction to Mexico. This little city with its beautiful parroquia, a pink-hued church in the center of town. Cobblestone streets and climbing vines and rooftop cafes…it was easy to see why so many artists are drawn to San Miguel.


If I were in San Miguel de Allende right now, here’s what I’d do…

Grab a pastry at the take-away bakery Panificadora La Buena Vida and sit in the central plaza looking at the grand Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel.

Wander through the galleries at Fabrica la Aurora, and stop for a coffee break at Geek & Coffee.

Shop for organic groceries or grab a healthful snack at Vía Orgánica or Mercado Sano (and if it’s Saturday, there’s a farmer’s market at Mercado Sano that’s a lot of fun).

Have a tea party at Buonforno cafe.

Eat breakfast at El Rinconcito in colonia Allende (there are two restaurants of this same name: you’re looking for the one right off the “main drag” Salida a Celaya). Tell the owner I sent you—he’s a kind man who made us feel so welcomed when we first moved to San Miguel. (video here)

Wander the gardens of Parque Benito Juárez.

Snack on vegan tacos at Don Taco Tequila.

Shop for souvenirs at the Artisan Market. (video)

Take pics of street art in colonia Guadalupe. (video)

Get dinner at the coolest foodcourt that ever did exist at Dôce 18 Concept House. (The burger place is super tasty.)

Grab coffee and a carrot cake cupcake at Ki’bok Coffee. (video)

Devour tacos al pastor at Andy’s taco stand.

Grab dessert at Panio bakery (the chocolate tart is to die for).

The desert is beautiful, but sometimes you just need a beach. Click here to read more about Puerto Vallarta, one of Mexico’s most famous beach destinations.