Moving to Mexico


To drive or not to drive? If you’re looking to move to Mexico, this isn’t a simple question, and there isn’t an easy answer. I can give you great reasons for having a car—and for not having one.

Before we moved to Mexico, we sold our car. We were glad to not have to pay monthly insurance on it, glad to be off the hook for gas and maintenance. Living in Guanajuato, we were relieved not to have the burden of a car: the city isn’t very car-friendly and I can’t even imagine trying to find parking. Then there are the worries about accidents or damage (sometimes it can feel like traffic laws in Mexico are more of, shall we say, suggestions). Add to all of that concerns about theft (and what do you do with the car when you’re on vacation?), and it made sense to us to get rid of our car and go without.

Sometimes, we loved the freedom of not having a car. Sometimes, we hated it. When we were sick, the last thing we wanted to do was walk around trying to find a taxi, or wait for an Uber driver who may or may not show up. (Technically, it’s not legal to drive for Uber in Guanajuato City, so it’s never as reliable a service as it is in other cities like Guadalajara or Mexico City.)

Taxis and Ubers were cheap—we rarely paid more than 50 pesos for a cab (around $2.50) and Ubers hovered around 30 ($1.50), though we always added a tip for Ubers. It’s not customary to tip taxi drivers, but if they carry bags for you or help with groceries (or wait an exceptionally long time while you try to figure out the portable booster seat for your kiddo… ahem), it’s nice to give a little extra.

For a full break down of the pros and cons of not having a car in Mexico, watch here:

Do you need to learn Spanish before moving to Mexico? Or can you get by without?